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The Process

I’ve been in a car accident, now what?

Before booking a collision repair appointment, there are a few things you need to do. Consider these steps after an accident.

The most common thing that we see from our customers, following a collision is coming straight into our shop. To save you the trip, the following list will help guide you towards your next steps:

Central Auto Body’s customer services and repair producers;


1. Initial Appointment: Bring your damaged vehicle to Central Auto Body along with your repair order provided by MPI. Together with our collision consultants we will do a walk around of your vehicle and take pictures of the location of the damage. At this time, we will ask any concerns you might have with your vehicle since your accident. As well as any questions about your repair order that MPI has provided you with.  We will review the estimate with you and obtain your signature for repair authorization.


2. Parts Ordered: Before we schedule you an appointment to begin repairs. All parts are ordered from your vehicle manufacture. Depending on your vehicle make and year, this process can be anywhere between 2 days to 2 weeks. Once all parts are received in our inventory, our parts manager will confirm that all parts are in working condition and are correct for your model of vehicle. If there are any unusual part delays, you will be notified as soon as possible. After everything is confirmed ready for repairs, you are notified with a scheduled appointment.


3. Disassembly:  The day has come to begin repairs on your vehicle. Your car is assigned to one of our elite technicians. The vehicle will be carefully disassembled and inspected, to analyze any hidden damage found. It is quite common to find additional damage that was not on your original repair order provided by MPI. In this case we provide a supplement report and submitted for approval to MPI. Depending on the promptness of MPI’s approval, this can delay repairs on your vehicle.


4. Additional Parts Ordered: After any additional parts are received in our inventory, the repair process continues and your vehicle is prepared for primer.


5. Paint Application:  Once all repairs are complete and primed, all panels are blocked to perfection and inspected before entering our paint booth. All vehicles are sealed, painted and cleared for the best corrosion protection and a beautiful finish.


6. Final Assembly and Inspection: Your vehicle is now returned to the body department for the final re-assembly. Depending on your collision, after assembly your vehicle may require a four wheel alignment, readjustment of headlights, or an air conditioning recharge. Once everything is complete your vehicle is detailed from top to bottom and inspected to our satisfied reputation.


7. Pick-up:  You will be contacted and a time will be arranged that suits you best to come and pick up your freshly repaired vehicle!


Customer Testimonials

Excellent service and very good work.  Would recommend to my family and friends anytime.


- Ron Tibbits



First class family business that we have been using for over 15 years.  My dad use to take the family vehicle to Central Autobody and I will continue the tradition.


- Justin Stamford

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