Painting Booths

Down Draft Spray Booth

Our down draft spray booth provides an evenly flow of air, to travel from the ceiling of our booth and exit through the floor. This procedure provides the booth with clean air flow, to eliminate dust and other contaminants from getting on the surface of the vehicle. The end result provides a clean and smooth paint job.

Crosse Draft Spray Booth

Our crosse draft spray booth technology provides air flow going across the vehicle instead of flowing top to bottom. This booth is designed more for priming vehicles and smaller paint jobs.

Full Frame Straightening Equipment

We have two frame straightening machines and a hoist. Unibody straightening and full frame is a science. In order to return the vehicle back to pre-accident condition, our techs have the latest training and use laser technology to measure unibodys and full frames. With this technology we can insure the vehicle is repaired properly and safely.


We exclusively use 3M materials and Sikkens Autowave paint in our shop.


We use Sikkens Colorbuild™ Plus 250. This product helps level our panels that have been repaired to help with that smooth finish. We prime the vehicle with the same paint color, to help provide the base coat with the right amount of coverage and to give it vibrant color results.


We use one of the best waterborne paints on the market. Sikkens Autowave is an environmentally friendly product and is a healthy choice for our employees.


Lastly, a clear coat to your car is applied. The Sikkens Autoclear works in two ways. While giving your vehicle that show car shine, it also provides an ultraviolet ray protection to help make that shine last.