The Process

The Process

I've Been In A Collision!

Someone just collided into the back of your vehicle! So now what do I do?

After a collision, emotions are usually running pretty high! 

But you know what? They call it an accident for a reason. 

No one meant to hit the other person. It isn’t our fault there are so many distractions around us in this day and age. 

Vehicles are equipped with so many electronics to wire a spaceship. 

  • Cameras surrounding the perimeter of your vehicle 
  • those stupid beeping sounds that tell you when you are 10 feet from anything
  • Bluetooth
  • satellite radio
  • and on and on

Half the time when I’m backing out of my driveway, I don’t have a clue where to look with all these gadgets we have equipped in our vehicles.

So remember, when you’re pulled over on the side of the road with your hazards flashing, don’t take it out on the other person. Accidents happen, and as long as everyone is healthy without any injuries, let’s swap out information and get our precious vehicle repaired.

Step 1

Take a moment to make sure that you and everyone involved in the collision are free of injury and do not need emergency assistance. (Ensure that the vehicle is moved off the road for your safety).

Step 2

Exchange information with the other drivers involved in the accident. Take pictures of the following:

Driver’s license

License plate

Vehicle make and model

Location of collision

Step 3

Once you get home, call MPI at 1-800-665-2410 to get your claim started. MPI will ask you a bunch of silly questions about the location of the accident, what the weather was like, the condition of the roads, and if you were driving on gravel or a paved road.

Make them happy, answer their questions, and then you will receive an 8-digit claim number! 

Step 4

Call Central Autobody at 204-727-3630 or text us at 431-531-7069 to get booked in for an estimate, with your claim number ready.

We will book you for an estimate, and ask you to leave your vehicle with us for 1-3 hours! Depending on the size of the damage will determine how long an estimate takes! 

Repair Planning (estimating) is the most important part of our entire repair process. If we miss any parts on the estimate at this time, it will cause delays once the vehicle arrives to have the repair completed.

Step 5

Parts will then be ordered, and you will be contacted after the parts are received to get you booked in. 

An estimated ETA on parts is;

GM/ Chevrolet – 1 Days

Mopar – 1 Day

Ford – 1 Day

Honda – 1 Day

Nissan – 3 Days

Hyundai – 3 Days

Mitsubishi – 5 Days

Kia – 5 Days

BMW – 5 Days

Mercedes Benz – 5 Days

Subaru – 5 Days

Once parts are received and confirmed everything has arrived by our parts management team. We will contact you with an appointment for repairs. 

(A courtesy vehicle can be provided for your use while your vehicle is getting repaired).

Once the repairs are completed as a courtesy to all our customers we like to show our appreciation by cleaning your vehicle inside and out! Our team of professionals what to deliver the WOW factor to everyone by returning your vehicle back as good as new.

Thank you for choosing Central Autobody and we look forward to welcoming you as our customer!